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Tobogganing -


The Engadin offers an adrenaline rush of a special kind: On the only remaining natural ice bobsleigh run you can accompany an experienced bobsleigh pilot and venture down the bob run from St. Moritz to Celerina.

Incredible G-forces are felt by the occupants on this thrilling ride and the neck breaking ride is almost over too fast, not enabling you to see the spectacular curves and sections of railway. At the end of the run, filled with pride and still full of adrenaline, each "Guest bobsleigh passenger" receives a certificate in the hand.

If you prefer the traditional sledding; there are two main toboggan slopes available:

Suitable for families and easily reached from Celerina by a comfortable ride on the Rhaetian Railway is the Preda to Bergün sledge run. With gentle curves and a slight slope anyone can manage this run. You will find it a bit more exciting, steeper and curvier; the toboggans run from Muottas Muragl. With a length of 4km and more than 20 curves, courageous sledgers overcome the moguls and long shot from 705 m before reaching the Valley Station in Punt Muragl.

Sledge rental is possible at the Train- and Valley Station of Preda and Punt Muragl.