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to Cresta Palace
in Celerina

Our opening times
Summerseason27.06.2014 - 12.10.2014
Winter saeason28.11. 2014 - 12.04.2015



Where alpine nature, luxurious spas, cultural highlights from world-class and pure pleasure merge into a unique source of inspiration. There where glaciers and ice provide impressive evidence of past times. Here you can enjoy your vacation with all your senses.
Amidst a stunning holiday paradise, our house charms our demanding and sophisticated guests from around the world with its Art Nouveau charm.


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Throughout the entire winter season
from CHF 365,-

In addition to traditional massage our wellness team also offers La Stone therapies.

Nordic Special

06.01.15 - 06.02.15 and 07.03.15 - 22.03.15
from CHF 507,--

Cross-country skiing or skating as long as you like

Langlauf mit Genuss

from CHF 459,--

Wunderbar präparierte Loipen für lange Strecken...

Abfahrt mit Genuss

from CHF 499,--

Powdern im frisch gefallenen Schnee...