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Fitness room

Stay in motion...

Our gym is equipped with the following multifunctional fitness equipment from TECHNOGYM:

1 Treadmill
1 Rower
1 Ergo bike
1 Cross trainer
1 Multifunctional KINESIS training wall

2 Spinning wheels
Short dumbbells
Floor mats

Your personal speed and altitude profile can be adjusted to suit your needs or you can be lead through a predetermined program. The fitness of the leg muscles and overall stamina and metabolism are trained.
Cross trainer
The cross trainer offers an absolute total body workout, in which not only general fitness but also the coordinative behaviour of the musculoskeletal system is trained.

Ergo Bike
The TECHNOGYM Ergo bike can be adjusted at the pedals and the seat for optimal height, making individual training achievable.
The rowing machine still represents one of the best fitness equipment for the leg and body muscles. For office working people it is almost a must!
Kinesis training wall
An absolute hit! On this exercise equipment you can work out every single muscle in your body by means of cables. To regulate a higher resistance, it requires only a small rotation on the resistance knob.
Short Dumbbells
Unlike exercise machines, where the direction of movement is determined, you have the opportunity with dumbbells to strengthen the muscles as well as improving the positioning of the body whilst controlling and guiding the joints, which depending on your situation is important for the body posture.
Cycling wheels
For those who want to train a little harder and can give up some comfort, the cycling bike is a good training tool.
The Treadmill, the Ergo Bike and Cross trainer are equipped with a monitor. You can arrange for them to be connected to a television channel during the training sessions.