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Pre-Fit Body Scan

Start with new energy!

Bring your acid-base balance in harmony again and start with new energy!

Sustainable well-being can only obtained, when one brings one’s body into balance. Diet, exercise, relaxation and positive thinking are the pillars of this equilibrium. The main cause of many unexplained symptoms and fatigue, lack of energy and general malaise is the acidity.

Improper diet, the consumption of too many foods and beverages and especially too many medicines, but also distress, anger, smoking and electro smog cause acidification, the so-called acidosis.

The acidity can be measured!

With an electrical resistance measurement (Pre-fit Body Scan), the exact state of acute and chronic acid is shown in your body and consequent energy balance in dynamics and energy reserves are measured.

In the subsequent session with specially trained wellness coach you will receive details of your acid-base balance, the dynamics and your energy reserves, as well as references to the muscle to be trained, and evidence of their endurance.
In addition, you will be shown your weakest points from head to toe and you will get tailored information in regards to your fitness and nutrition.