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Time to be active

In summer it is simply there: boundless zest for life. Early in the morning, ambling over a mountain meadow still wet with dew, hearing your own step, feeling your own breath. Or standing on a high mountain ridge that you have conquered with your bike, or dipping the paddle into the water of one of the lakes of the Upper Engadine. Summer in the Engadine offers so much. And the best thing is to return to the Cresta Palace Hotel in the evening, after a day full of adventure . To relax in a deckchair in the park or sit on the terrace with a drink in one’s hand and think: this is what I have just experienced – and here, at this moment in time, I feel so completely alive.

Suddenly it is there: this feeling of boundless freedom. Skiing effortlessly through the deep snow, gliding on freshly prepared cross-country tracks into the day or carving the first figures onto the ice. Winter in the Engadine has so much to offer for body and soul. And in the evening you can muse on all these magic moments, relaxing in the Cresta Palace Hotel. After an hour in the spa, after a diner. When the starry sky recaptures the images of sparkling snow and magic moments.  

These unforgettable moments with the family: how proud your child is after the first long mountain hike. How the grandparents’ eyes sparkle. How rested the faces of mother and father look. It is above all the parents who know: the Cresta Palace Hotel makes it easy for families. Easy to be happy.

Enjoy unique nature as a backdrop for your active summer holiday.

Even in summer, Celerina has plenty to offer sports enthusiasts: hiking, biking, golf, tennis, summer skiing, riding, fishing and swimming. Alternatively, take a ride in a Bernina Express viewing carriage and enjoy a glass of red wine as you pass majestic glaciers and enter the Valtellina Valley.

The perfect conditions await winter sports enthusiasts in Celerina.

350 kilometres of perfectly groomed pistes, three snow parks and 57 cable cars and lifts. The Cresta Palace is the perfect base camp for all activities in the surrounding mountains. Ski resorts with guaranteed snow and modern lifts bring your winter fairy tale to life. Whether skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, ice skating, curling, tobogganing, bobsledding or skeleton sledding – you’ll find everything you need right by the hotel or just a stone’s throw away.

Staziun da basa

Time to be active

Where else is this possible? Where else do you find the cross-country track, the ice rink, the mountain railway station, the bike route, the training run immediately at your doorstep? And start directly from the hotel into the day and begin your training units, perfectly equipped? In the hotel-owned «staziun da basa» of the Cresta Palace Celerina you will get everything you need for a focused altitude training or enjoyable outdoor activities: equipment, advice, coaching. This means: now you can really be active. Without losing precious time by having to organise tickets or plans.

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